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Steve Goldbloom
Founder, Trusted Advisor, IAR

What is Steve’s professional background?

Steve is the founder and trusted advisor at GWM. He graduated from Babson College with a B.S. degree with concentration in finance in 1980.

After spending more than 20 years as a front-runner in the domestic and international barter and trade industry, Steve became a father. From a need to be closer to home to raise his children, a desire to stay in financial services, and a mission to offer retirees a better option for responsible financial services AGT Tax & Insurance Services West was born.

Through AGT, Steve has been in the insurance and financial services industry helping retirees and those who are about to retire keep their money safe since 2005.

Through Goldbloom Wealth Management, LLC, a Washington state Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, Steve is also able to offer wealth management with many services including professionally managed investment portfolios for clients. Steve as an IAR, and GWM as an RIA, are held to a fiduciary standard which means 100 percent transparency with clients, no hidden fees, acting only in the best interest of the client and using the client’s goals in serving them.

Who is Steve?

Steve has two kids of his own — Sam, 17, and Zoe, 13 — and has also been blessed with two stepsons — Tony, 25, and Chris, 17 — through his five years of marriage to Eden. With Steve’s Jewish background, his daughter Zoe who was  adopted from Vietnam, his son Sam of  half eastern European and half  Irish descent and his wife Eden Filipino and her boys being half Filipino and half Austrian, with a Catholic upbringing, Steve lovingly refers to his home as “The UN.” Steve prefers to spend his personal time with family, and enjoys trips to Florida to visit his Dad and Mom. Among the 17 countries and numerous cities he has been to, Maui is his favorite place (second, of course, to spending the Northwest summers at his Sammamish home).  Steve is also an avid fisherman and enjoys fishing trips everywhere and anywhere. His son Sam is typically a part of these fishing excursions along with friends, family, clients, and colleagues and they take place at about everyplace imaginable, but focus mostly on Alaska, Canada, and around the Northwest.

Steve in the media:

Steve has been featured on “CBS Evening News with Dan Rather” for his contribution to the barter and trade industry. He was also recently featured in Newsweek as one of “America’s Premier Experts” and as a “Financial Trendsetter,” as well as in USA Today as a 2012-2013 “Financial All-Star.” He was also featured earlier in 2013 on “The Consumer’s Advocate” TV show and co-authored the best-selling book “The Ultimate Success Guide” along with other industry leaders and business development expert, best-selling author, and speaker Brian Tracy.

A little-known fact about Steve is:  Steve has an email framed, reinforcing his daily gratitude, to remember everyday experience is a gift and life is random. The content of the email cancels a 9am meeting on September 11th, 2001 at the Twin Towers. Steve received the email just before leaving his house to make the 45 minute commute in from his old residence on the Hudson River in Nyack New York, a very close call.

“Through client education, transparency and fiduciary behavior, my team and I offer an honest approach that is refreshing in today’s world. We’re able to offer our clients a strategy that fits their needs and their particular situation. At Goldbloom Wealth Management, our goal for clients is “Wealth Preservation For Generations to Come.” Gratitude based living is a common theme among many of my clients and philosophically. I am the best fit for those who want to help others, whether it be family friends, or the less fortunate. Cause-based capitalism continues to be my focus as it has been through the successful companies I’ve built myself or for others.

~ Steve Goldbloom

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