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Goldbloom Wealth Management




Why Goldbloom Wealth Management, LLC?

Our approach is unique because your needs are unique

Utilizing an independent advisor is important. As an independent registered investment advisory firm, Goldbloom Wealth Management, LLC (GWM) represents your interests before any others. Our goal is to provide you with sound, objective financial advice to fit your values and personal situation. We have the advantage of firsthand experience with corporate executive compensation plans, tackling the challenges that come with being in professional services and being self-employed. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs and small to medium size business owners reach their goals.  We help families, whether they’ve been through divorce, together for 50 plus years, or a newly blended family, addressing their retirement needs and wealth transfer strategies to the people and causes they love and value most. To all of these we bring a unique process, perspective and tools not readily available in most boutique or large firms.  With our independent approach we have more choices from more companies. We use tools and strategies selecting insurance products and investment strategies from a variety of competing institutional money managers, custodians, and insurance companies. We have both arm’s length and direct employ relationships with our best-in-class subject matter experts. That’s why, as your advocate, we can deliver independent recommendations to fit your specific needs and circumstances.

Asset and tax diversification based on your goals and values

We’ll assess your portfolio, financial, and overall life situation to help determine tax implications, inheritance ramifications, and other issues that may have an impact on your overall net worth and an impact on the assets for generations to come, balancing to optimally meet  your lifestyle needs for the remaining years of your life. Once we understand your goals and risk tolerance, we will help create a strategy that addresses your portfolio, retirement, estate planning, and insurance needs.

As wealth management and retirement advisors, we offer total financial and asset management services using both market strategies and insurance products. We use institutional money managers with GIPS compliant audited track records along with products such as annuities, life insurance, disability and long term care solutions, to help our clients meet financial and other more important life goals. That is why we help provide access to services including certified public accountants (CPA) for accounting and tax needs, and attorneys for wills, trusts, reverse mortgages, elder law issues, and inheritance matters, as well as other niche experts to specifically serve those about to, planning to, or already  retired.  The professionals we are affiliated with have real experience and provide real satisfaction to both the small business owners and corporate executive community needs.

We’re fiduciaries. What does that mean to you?

  • 100% transparency,
  • no hidden fees, and
  • we’re focused on doing what’s in the client’s best interest

Typical broker-dealers are held to a standard called Suitability. Brokers are “free to recommend options that compensate the broker more generously rather than what’s best for the investor,” says Barbara Roper, Investor Protection Director for the Consumer Federation for America, as quoted in The Wall Street Journal article,  “What’s No. 1 for Brokers?”

Our unique process and perspective

Our services are values-based. Money is just money, it has no intrinsic value. Money has value when it’s put to work toward what you find important in your life. At GWM we get to know who you are on a personal level. Whether it’s  your family, your favorite charity, seeing the world, climbing that mountain, catching that marlin, or a hole-in-one — we find out what you value most and then help build your financial plan around those areas . After all, if your money isn’t focused on enhancing what matters most to you, then who is it working for??

We take a multi-generational approach. GWM plans not only for you, but for your children and grandchildren to help make sure that the life you’ve built for your family continues into generations to come. We welcome and encourage the involvement of your family at any time in our relationship.  This helps maintain the delicate balance in each family’s expressed wishes concerning the balance between communication and privacy.  We understand that you value their opinions and may want us to know their concerns. We welcome those kinds of discussions, it’s important your loved ones know you’re in good hands.

Retirement Specialist!

You have spent your working life accumulating wealth and may even be the steward for wealth left to you by a prior generation. Whether your unique concerns are focused on maintaining the  comfortable  lifestyle you have become accustomed to (without the risk of needing to sleep on your kid’s couch one day), or whether your primary concern is making sure the people and causes you love end up with your wealth when you leave this world (not the government or insurance companies), we firmly believe our clients need only pay their fair share of taxes, nothing more. That being said, we are proud to be living in America, we believe the greatest country in the world! Our wealth preservation and distribution strategies are much different than the advisor or methods you may have employed for the 20-40 years prior to retiring. The next 40 years of retirement can have many demands, and we make sure there is a smart and guaranteed strategy for income for life.

To schedule a no-obligation meeting to discuss your financial future, contact us at office@gwmteam.com or call us at 206.528.2001, ext. 111, today!